A familiar yet unique engine

Fast and easy

Powered by the robust C++ language focus on game logic and not battling a scripting language interpreter's speed.

Open Source

Released under the MIT license you can literally download the engine, fork it and only you would know.

Cross-- Platform

From the start launch on Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD with Android/IOS & console support on the way.

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Pathway to Version 1.6X

Reading Time: 12 minutes Creating Game Pencil's LTS version 1.6.X So a couple of months have gone by and after dozens of hours of making the next iteration of Game Pencil and the 'lowkey secret' of github and my Read more…

Platform and backend agnostic

Game Pencil embraces modular design, which translate to wherever C++ can go, Game Pencil can follow
SDL Library supported

SDL Library supported

The legendary cross-platform library

SDL2 is mostly used for 2D, but recent grant funding will soon allow it to also support rendering in 3D.

raylib is nearly 1:1 ported

raylib is nearly 1:1 ported

Add 3D support to your games

- Multiplatform: Windows, Linux, MacOS, RPI, Android, HTML5... and more!

SFML support inbound

SFML support inbound

Dated for release in early 2022

SFML is a fine 2D library used in numerous games and technology, another wonderful choice for a module compatible with Game Pencil.