Base Engine and Editor Updates

  • Release 1.50 RC

    GamePencil 1.5 RC includes fully functional C++ engine and editor with build scripts. Users should be able to create 2D games via the SDL2 module of any genre.

  • Networking

    After the release of Game Pencil 1.50 RC our goal is to begin integration of networking as modules for TCP/UDP connections between server and clients by Q4 2023.

  • Game Pencil Distribution Package Manager

    On Linux and Unix devices our aim is to also allow people to type apt-get install gamepencilengine and allow for easy install and inclusion on app stores.

Port Targets

  • Console ports

    Utilizing our developer status on Nintendo and Xbox our goal will be to get Game Pencil working on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/Series and apply for Playstation 4/5 developer kits by Q3 2023

  • Mobile ports

    By Q4 2024 we plan to focus on getting Game Pencil working on Android and then IOS devices.

Additional modules

  • raylib support

    raylib is an amazing engine that has a wrapper to just about every programming languge and is also supported on just about every platform. The simplicity of the engine and supported platforms make it a top engine to support. Raylib also supports 3D mode, which will be a perfect way to introduce the Irrlicht engine as well as another module.

  • SFML Module support

    By Q4 2024, if Nathan is fulltime on the engine the goal is to add the SFML module for those interested in 2D alternative to SDL2, beneficial for those interested in more complicated shaders and geometry rendering.

Trello roadmap

See our trello page for our more detailed roadmap for Game Pencil.

Roadmap is possible thanks to our donors


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Nathan Hurde

Lead Developer of Game Pencil Engine