Game Pencil Engine

Free, Fast and Open Source

Cross platform and simple.


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Object oriented design

Organize your game logic around entities within your scenes.

  • Simple: Maintains neat and tidy method of game development. 
  • Fast: Objects are easily searchable and have many built in functions to interact with other objects in scene.

Module based engine based

  • Easily swap our modules to your liking based on our parent modules. 
  • Don’t like SDL2?  Simply wait for our future modules or create your own.
  • Need video playback? One of our users is working on a plugin just for you.

Change any modules in 1 line of code.

All in one IDE

Manage game resources , objects, scenes and settings all through our editor.

Native coding

Embrace the power of C++, one of the fastest programming languages ever created. Take full advantage of object inheritance within your games.

Customizable themes

Change the look and feel of the editor easily and take advantage of our dock system for small and large screens.


Portable design, no heavy installs or large export file sizes. We care about not wasting computer memory.

2D Renderer

Create your games in the traditional 2D pixel system and push the boundaries of 2D. 

Fill your game with 2D sprites, textures, tiles, geometry, lights, particles, text and more. 

Cross platform

Develop your games and app with 1 codebase for all platforms.

Code now for all major desktop platforms.

With planned support for consoles and android/ios in 2021.

Free and Open Source

Released under the very permissive MIT license you can modify and tweak the Game Pencil Engine to your liking. Browse through the engine’s source code on our github page.

  • Free to use no matter what your project earns.
  • No licensing fees or login required.
  • Explore and improve the engine runtime as well as contribute code.

And not another game engine?

So why use Game Pencil?

Every time we post this engine or speak about it, this question comes up. The answer is this simple, if you like the editor and your game performs well on your targeted platforms then choose Game Pencil. If you prefer to code in a  lightweight and modular C++ engine we hope you would stay around. 

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